Vacation House Check

The Hubbard Police Department is pleased to offer you the Vacation House Check service while you are out of town. These are designed to give you a little more peace of mind while you travel, and make your home safer.

Download the form below, complete and return by regular mail, fax (503) 981-8743, or drop it by the police department.  A vacation house check involves officers going to your residence, walking around the perimeter, looking for signs of unlawful entry, foul play, unlocked doors or windows, or anything else that may be wrong. It is more than an extra patrol in which officers are made aware you have left town, and they drive by your home during their routine patrols.

In order to provide this service in as efficient and safe manner possible the following guidelines are in place.

1) The Hubbard Police Dept. will check your home while you are away, for a minimum of four days, and a maximum of 30 days. If you are gone longer, we will only do extra patrols.

2) We will not do walk-around checks on homes that have house sitters staying at them. We will give the house extra patrol, but it is unsafe for our officers and your guests for us to be walking around your home in the middle of the night. Have someone who is taking care of your animals and/or plants on a drop-by basis complete a walk-around check.

3) We will only check residential properties, not business properties.

4) We will only check residential properties if you live there, we will not check vacant houses, other than to provide them extra patrol.

While you are on vacation don’t forget to:

1) Stop your mail
2) Stop your newspapers
3) Let your neighbors know where you will be,how long you’ll be gone, and how to contact someone in case of an emergency.
4) Leave a light and radio or television on a timer.
5) Lock your doors and windows.