How Do I Contact the Police Department?


The Business Office (503-981-8738) is UNABLE to dispatch an officer to your location.

If you need to report a crime or speak to a police officer you will need to call dispatch 24/7 at 503-982-2341. 

When you visit us at City Hall, please use the main entrance on the south side of the building. (City Hall entrance) The Police Department door on the west side of the building is a private entrance for employees only. For safety and security issues, we do not open the west side door to the public. 

After hours and on the weekends our business office is closed and our business phone will go to voicemail and not be checked until the next business day. Contact dispatch at 503-982-2341 if you need to speak to an officer, report a crime or need a vehicle release after hours. 

Any personal property releases must be arranged during business hours by calling the business office.  This must be approved by the investigating officer prior to release.