Domestic Violence


The Hubbard Police Department is dedicated to combating domestic violence. The officers are specifically trained on how to recognize the signs and symptoms of domestic violence and how to effectively respond to and investigate these incidents. We can assist victims in finding emergency shelter and other emergency resources if necessary. We work in a coordinated effort with DVERT (Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team), DHS, and Victim's Assistance to best assist and protect the victim and children.

There are many reasons why victims do not seek help. The most common reasons are the following:
Fear of further harm · Lack of financial resources · Still in love with abuser · Threats that the children will be taken or turned over to DHS · Desire for the relationship to work · Believe the violence won't happen again · Feels responsible or at fault for the incident or violence · Religious reasons · Lack of education or job skills. 

If you find yourself in this situation you may have many questions. What is domestic violence? What will happen if I call the police? Who do I call for help? If you are able to leave and find a safe place, go there and then call the police. You can expect the police to come to your house and talk to you in person. We will interview you and most likely anyone else who lives with you. We will take photographs of any injuries or damage to property. If probable cause exists to make an arrest, the abuser will be arrested and taken to jail. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN A COMPLAINT--Domestic violence is a mandatory arrest in Oregon, we will arrest even if the victim is too afraid and does not wish to pursue charges. It is unknown how long the abuser will stay in jail, but once released there will be a no-contact order prohibiting contact with the victim. If this is violated, notify the police immediately.

Domestic violence: Domestic violence means abuse between family or household members Family and household members: · Spouses · Former spouses · Adult persons related by blood or marriage · Persons cohabitating with each other · Persons who have cohabitated with each other or who have been involved in a sexually intimate relationship · Unmarried parents of a minor child Abuse: · Attempting to cause or intentionally knowingly or recklessly causing physical injury -or- · Intentionally, knowingly or recklessly placing another in fear of imminent serious physical injury -or- · Committing sexual abuse in any degree. 

Domestic Violence: · Domestic violence is a pattern of controlling behavior, and may include physical, sexual and/or psychological assaults. The abuser seeks to control the thoughts, beliefs and actions of their partner, and will punish their partner for resisting their control. Power and control: · Most victims report they experience their abuser exerting unreasonable and often irrational control over their lives in various ways. Attempts to resist this control are met with violence. Statistics: · In 95% of reported domestic assaults, the female is the victim and the male is the perpetrator. · 75% of the women killed due to domestic violence are killed attempting to leave or after leaving the relationship. One in eight women will be the victim of domestic or sexual violence in Oregon.  

Safety Planning: There are several local organizations that can help in assisting you with safety planning. They are the Clackamas County Victim's Assistance and Clackamas Women's Services. You may not be ready to make the call to the police yet, but they can help you with a safety plan if you feel you may be in danger. They can also assist you after an arrest has been made. They can assist you with financial assistance, women's shelters, counseling, housing and applications for restraining orders. The advocates can also be an excellent support system through an extremely difficult and emotional time. They can walk you through the trial process and keep you informed about hearing, court dates and possible negotiations. This is just a fraction of the services victim's assistance has to offer. Victim's Assistance is located within the Clackamas County District Attorney's Office. They are part of a twelve member Clackamas County domestic violence team. DVERT (Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team) consists of two full time domestic violence prosecutors. Victim's Assistance Division 708 Main Street Oregon City, OR 97045 503-655-8431 (BUSINESS OFFICES) 503-655-8616 (24-HR CRISIS LINE) Clackamas Women's Services PO BOX 22547 Milwaukie, OR 97269-0547 503-722-2366 (BUSINESS LINE) 503-654-2288 (24-HR CRISIS LINE, COLLECT CALLS ACCEPTED) Further information on domestic violence, state and nationwide. ***