How Do I Receive Information During an Emergency?

There is a lot of information on our website about preparing for an emergency and there's a reason for that. While a lot of emergency situations cannot be prevented, they can all be prepared for. We strongly encourage everyone to check out the resources on our website in order to properly prepare for an emergency. The first can be found by clicking here. This is our crime prevention page. It can give you tips on how to remain alert and how to recognize crimes and get help. The second is our Public Works Department page on emergency preparation. It can be found by clicking here

How can you receive information and alerts during a larger scale emergency situation?

The City of Hubbard and the Police Department actively encourage citizens to sign up for the Oregon Alert System powered by EverBridge. You may sign up for this mass notification system by clicking here.

What is Oregon Alerts/EverBridge?

Oregon Alerts is a mass notification system that is easy to use and sign up for. You simply enter phone and email information so that you may be alerted when this is an emergency or issue in areas you care about. You can enter multiple addresses. Some suggestions would be your home address, work address, the address of your children's school, or an elderly relative's address. You can manage and change these addresses at any time. This information is used for emergency alerts only. Your information is private and protected. 

After you have signed up, you will receive a message through a call, text, or email that there is an emergency, a safety concern, or hazard in your registered areas. 

Learn more about Oregon Alerts powered by EverBridge by going to their website.