How Do I Apply For A Vendor's License?

In the Hubbard City Limits, we require door-to-door vendors to have a City Issued License. This is to keep our community safe and make sure that vendors are reputable. Soliciting without a City issued license is punishable by a fine. 

To apply for a Vendor's License, you first need to go to City Hall and ask to apply for a Vendor's License. You must pay a $20 fee to apply for the license and $5 for each additional person on the license. So two people would pay $25, three people would be $30. 

After you have turned in your application and paid your fee, the application is turned over to the Police Department and a background check is run. A conviction on your record is not an automatic disqualification. All backgrounds checks are regarded carefully and individually. If you will be the one driving during your time here in Hubbard, you need to have a valid Driver's License. 

Depending on work volume, it can take up to a week to get your license, so please plan ahead. We try to get them done in one day but that is not always possible, especially if there are multiple people on the application. 

After your background check has been approved, you will be contacted to make an appointment to come down to City Hall. You will have your picture taken and it will take about 15-25 minutes to have your license created. 

If you have more questions about Vendor Licenses, please refer to the City Municipal Code, or contact the City.