How Do I Obtain a Copy of a Police Report?

You may obtain copies of  Hubbard Police Reports using the form found here.  Please bring the Public Information Request Form to the Police Station during our normal business hours, fax it (503-981-8743), or mail it. Please be as specific with your request as possible. A case number is very helpful, but if that is not known; a full name and birth date with a narrow time line will help us to locate your request easier. We may only release cases that are closed. If a case is still open, you will be directed to the Marion County District Attorney. This includes if the requesting party is an insurance company. After receiving your request, we will research to determine if we have the report, and if it can be released. We will notify you when the report is available for pick up or if it is not able to be released. We are not authorized to release reports that originated from other agencies. We typically don't release reports that involve the arrest of a juvenile. You will be directed to contact the Marion County Juvenile Department.

Please note that our records do have a retention schedule, and we might not have older reports available to be released. We follow the Oregon Record Retention Schedule found here. 

Records are not available immediately. Oregon Law gives us up to 30 days to respond to your request. Typically it does not take this long, but it does take time to research and redact the report properly. We will notify you when your report is available to be picked up. 

Please note that all reports will be redacted in some way. This is to prevent identity theft as well as protect victims of crimes. 

Police Records are $20 for each report requested.  

If you have any questions concerning how to go about requesting a police report, please call the Business Office. 

Email requests to mschwartz [at]