Public Works

Welcome to the City of Hubbard Public Works! 

Our areas of responsibility include water; wastewater; storm water; streets; parks; emergency management; and GIS (City Mapping); plus a wide assortment of additional areas which support our main areas of responsibility such as safety; grant administration; budgeting for Public Works; planning and development in relation to public infrastructure; and the list goes on. 

We are always interested to hear how we are doing - so please feel free to molinger [at] (EMAIL) or call us at 503.982.9429 at any time if you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions.  We are committed to do our best for our community and we appreciate the opportunity to communicate the why's and why not's of what we do or don't do.

Our vision

To have a positive impact on the community we serve and beyond -- making lives better both for today and the future.

Our mission

Dedicated to excellence, integrity, communication and stewardship while enhancing the livability and safety of the community through proactive management and construction of infrastructure and services in a safe and economical manner. Provide a department-wide atmosphere of can-do creativeness and empowerment to be the best that we can be for the community we serve and to incorporate a continual cycle of both self and department evaluation to find opportunities for increased efficiencies in an every changing world.

our values


  • Demonstrate a high degree of competency
  • Provide services effectively and efficiently
  • Prepare for today and plan for tomorrow
  • Pursue innovation
  • Encourage and support employee development
  • Celebrate successes
  • Reflect to gain insight and use to build better solutions


  • Dependable and responsible
  • Respect and value the public’s trust
  • Commitment to respectful, open and transparent processes


  • Share pertinent and timely information with staff, council and the public
  • Foster strategic partnerships


  • Preserve the health and safety of both staff and the community
  • Protect public investments
  • Fiscally accountable

Our DAILY Objectives ARE:

  1. To face each task with pride in being an essential member of a profession dedicated to service;
  2. To constantly seek ways to improve the level and quality of service; 
  3. To continuously strive for self-improvement through training opportunities and communication with others;
  4. To view each encounter with the public as an opportunity to demonstrate the purpose of our department in a positive manner.
                   "COMMUNITY STARTS HERE"


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