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Welcome to the city of Hubbard public works parks page

Ready to relax and play?  Check out the almost 14 acres of parks and open space ready and waiting for your enjoyment! 

Need to reserve the ball fields? Complete an APPLICATION and return it to Public Works at molinger [at] (subject: Barendse%20Park%20Ball%20Field%20Reservation%20Application) (EMAIL) or mail it to Hubbard Public Works, P.O. Box 380, Hubbard, OR  97032.

Please Scoop the Poop!  ​We LOVE to see you walking with your dogs and enjoying the City’s parks and open spaces – however please remember to pick up after them!  No one wants to experience that “step” into a pile of wet poop! Yuck! An easy solution is to carry a few plastic bags with you on your walks and drop the filled bags into a trash bin on your way out of the park. Not only does this make strolls in the park more enjoyable for everyone, it also helps to protect our water resources. For your convenience, pet pick-up stations have been installed at Barendse Park, Rivenes Park, Wolfer-Will and Mill Creek Nature Park. Please give Public Works a call at 503.982.9429 if you have any questions or concerns!

Can I reserve the shelter at Rivenes Park or the ball-fields at Barendse Park?

The shelter at Rivenes Park is typically available on a “first come” basis. You are welcome to come early to set up so long as at least one person stays with your belongings. If you would like to make a reservation for Rivenes Park, an APPLICATION must be completed along with providing the required insurance for the event and naming the City of Hubbard as an additional insured. These requests must be approved by City Council at one of the regularly scheduled Council meetings. Please submit your application and insurance documentation to molinger [at] (subject: Park%20Reservation)

To reserve a field at Barendse Park please complete this APPLICATION and submit it to Public Works at molinger [at] (subject: Park%20Reservation)  

Please call Public Works at 503-982-9429 if you have any questions regarding the use of or reservations for Rivenes or Barendse Park.

When does the splash fountain turn-on?

The splash fountain is open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. The fountain turns on at approximately 10:45 a.m. and turns off at 9:30 p.m.

The water is tested and treated regularly to ensure the health and safety of those who use the fountain.

To help ensure that the water does not get contaminated do not allow your children to play in the fountain with regular diapers, however, they are welcome to play in the water with swim diapers on.

Please contact Public Works with any questions at 503.982.9429 or molinger [at] 

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