Planning Commission

The commission shall consist of a total of five members to be appointed by the City Council. Appointed members shall not be officials or employees of the City Hubbard. The City Council may, in its sole discretion, appoint not more than two of the five Commissioners who are not residents of the City of Hubbard. No two or more voting members of the Commission shall, at the time of their appointment, be employed in the same occupation, business, trade, or profession. This provision shall not be interpreted to preclude business persons engaged in different kinds of business nor retired persons not currently employed in an occupation from eligibility for appointment.

Each Planning Commission member shall be appointed to serve a term of three years.  The terms of the five planning commission members shall be staggered so that the terms of no more than two commissioners expire in any one year. Each commissioner's term expires, and that commissioner's position shall be filled by the City Council by appointment to a three-year term at the first regular meeting of December of the year in which the commissioner's term expires.

The Commission holds Public Hearings on land use actions, development code changes, and other zoning matters. Their decisions may be final or they may make recommendations to the City Council.

The Planning Commission holds its meetings on the third Tuesday of every month starting at 6:30 p.m. located at City Hall, 3720 Second Street.

Agendas are posted at City Hall and on the City website. This meeting location is wheelchair accessible.  Disabled individuals requiring other assistance must make their request known 48 hours preceding the meeting by contacting the Director of Administration/City Recorder.  The City will, upon request, endeavor to arrange the following services to be provided.  Since these services must be scheduled with outside service providers it is important to allow as much lead time as possible.  (Qualified sign language interpreters for persons with speech or hearing impairments; Qualified bilingual interpreters; and Assisting listening devices for persons with impaired hearing. The City Hall phone number is 503-981-9633.vlnogle [at] ( (E-Mail))