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welcome to the city of hubbard public works water page

Wondering where your water comes from?  How safe is it to drink?  What your water pressure is?  

Check out the ADOPTED Water Master Plan.

Hubbard's Water Treatment Plant is located at 3101 2nd Street, and is the place where all purifying of your potable water takes place.  Hubbard's drinking water derives from the groundwater that occurs in the Troutdale Formation.  The water is pulled from our four City wells into our treatment filter tank, where any contaminants are removed.  It then travels into our reservoir and on through the network of underground pipes to your home or business.

We have a regiment of tests which are taken on a regular basis to ensure the water you use and drink is safe  and meets or beats all state and federal requirements.  

Check out the City's 2022 Drinking Water Quality Report to find out what water tests were recently completed and much more!

For detailed information regarding test results and much more about our water system, our Hubbard page on Oregon Health Authority's website is a great resource! Oregon Health Authority Hubbard Page and Oregon Health Authority Test Result Page.

Are You Noticing Discolored Water in Your Home or Business Following Water Repair Work or Hydrant Flushing?  Discolored water is not dangerous or a hazard to your health!  However, this is most definitely an aesthetic concern, because well, that’s just yucky!  But there is a simple solution!  Run your cold water taps for approximately 5 to 10 minutes, or until the water clears. 

Similar to when the City performs hydrant flushing throughout the City (see below information), silt and mineral sediment can be loosened during both water repairs and hydrant flushing, which can cause the water in your home or business to become discolored. If you notice a lower volume of water following the flushing of your home or business water lines, remove and clean the faucet screens to clear out any silt or sediment which could be obstructing your water flow. 

Annual Hydrant Flushing Program: Public Works hydrant flushing program plays an important part in the maintenance of the City's water distribution system by:

  • Enhancing water quality by removing sediments from inside the water mains;
  • Identifying malfunctions of the hydrant and related valves;
  • Helping to identify weaknesses in the distribution system;
  • Determining the fire flows at the hydrant; and
  • Helping to identify inadequate water volumes and pressure in the mainlines.

What is the average PSI of the City's water?  If you guessed about 42 PSI, you would be correct!  Read More about the City's upcoming Static Water Pressure Project.

Cross Connection Program (Backflow Protection):  The City of Hubbard supplies drinking water to our community that meets or exceeds all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Oregon Health Authority (OHA) requirements for public safety -- BUT, did you know that even though the water reaches your home or business safely, it can be contaminated within your own piping system, and has the potential to compromise the water quality of all City water!  Read More to find out what a backflow prevention device is and whether you should have one in your home or business!

Are you a current student interested in pursuing a career in the Public Works Profession?  Are you looking for a place to complete your INTERNSHIP?  Send us an molinger [at] cityofhubbard.org (subject: Internship%20-%20Hubbard%20Public%20Works) (EMAIL) or give us a call at 503.982.9429 to find out about current Intern opportunities.

Educational Tours: If your association or school is interested in learning more about the City's Water Treatment Plant, please give us a call at 503.982.9429 to arrange a time to come on site for a tour!