FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a license for my business?

The City of Hubbard does not issue business licenses. The city does require that all businesses, including home occupations, register with the City. Business owners are able to register their businesses in person at City Hall.

If you have any questions contact the City Recorder at 503-981-9633

For more information regarding the Business Registration code, click here.

Business Registration Application

How can I get an item put on the City Council agenda?

If you would like to have an item placed onto the City Council agenda, please contact the Director of Administration/City Recorder by the Monday prior to the next City Council meeting.

To contact the Director of Administration/City Recorder, call 503-981-9633.

How do I contact the Hubbard City Hall?

Hubbard City Hall
3720 Second Street
PO Box 380
Hubbard, OR  97032

Phone: (503) 981-9633
Fax: (503)981-8743

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 
Closed Fridays

How do I get a hold of an elected official?

The City of Hubbard governs through a city council which consists of four councilors and a mayor. The city council typically meets the second Tuesday of each month. If you need to contact the mayor or a city councilor, click here.

I am building a fence on my property, how tall can it be?

Fences, walls, and hedges, may be located in any yard or along the edge of any yard, subject to the maintenance of clear-vision area. Fences along a front property line, or within a front yard set back, shall not exceed a height of five feet, when the fence is at least 50% open. All other fences, walls or hedges shall not exceed a height of three and one half feet along the front property line or within a front yard set-back. All fences that are located within the legs of a vision clearance area at street and alley intersections shall not exceed three and on half feet in height from the adjacent curb elevation and shall be constructed of a material that is not sight obscuring. A fence, wall or hedge may not exceed six feet in height without the approval of a variance.

If you have any questions you can call City Hall at 503-981-9633

For more information, please see Section 2.401.09 of the Hubbard Development Code.

I want to get involved in my community, what can I do?

The City may have openings for various committees/boards throughout the year. Those committees include City Council, Planning Commission, and Budget Committee. There are also numerous groups within the Hubbard community through which you can be of service. Below is a listing of some of the civic groups that are currently organized.

Alcoholics Anonymous, contact Dave Darnell 503-951-0415
Hop Festival Committee, contact Fire Dept. 503-981-9454
Hubbard Cemetery Committee, contact Linda Dryden 503-981-4249
North Marion High School Boosters, contact 503-678-5835
North Marion PTA, contact 503-678-5835
North Marion PRYDE, contact 503-678-5835
TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), contact Clara Karsten 503-981-6815

What do I need to do if I have a public record's request?

The documents or records requested may not be immediately available for your review and you may need to make an appointment to review the document or records requested.  There may be a cost for research time to retrieve the requested documents or records, and there is a cost for obtaining copies of documents or records.  If research time is required, you will be notified of the estimated cost prior to retrieving the documents or records.  Prepayment for research time and copies may be required. A request to review public documents or records of the City of Hubbard pursuant to the Public Records Act and the City of Hubbard's policy as set by Resolution may be obtained after completion of the Public Records Request Form.

What forms of payments does City Hall accept?

The City accepts payments of card, cash, check, or money order, and they can be made in person during business hours. There is also a drive-up drop box located next to City Hall for check or money order payments. Check or money order payments can also be mailed to City Hall at PO Box 380, Hubbard, OR 97032. Payments with a card or checking account can be made over the phone at (503)981-9633.

The City does not accept check payments for Vehicle Releases or card payments for Land Use/Building.

What should I know about remodeling/building structures in Hubbard?

Nearly all new construction and many remodeling projects require permits. Plumbing, electrical, and mechanical permits can be obtained directly from Marion County, while building permits can be obtained at the City Hall.

Marion County Building Department
​5155 Silverton Road NE
Salem OR 97305

If you have any questions contact City Hall at 503-981-9633.

Where is the City Hall and when is it open?

The City Hall is located at:

3720 Second Street
Hubbard, Oregon 97032

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Thursday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Closed Friday-Sunday