Farmer's Market Commission

The Commission shall be composed of between seven (7) and nine (9) voting members appointed by the City Council.  Commission members shall receive no compensation for participation in Commission activities.  Commission terms will be staggered so that four (4) members shall be appointed for two-year terms and three (3) to (5) members shall be appointed to a one-year term.  Members may be reappointed to additional terms at the discretion of the Council.

Unless otherwise exempted by the Council for good cause, to be eligible to be appointed to and continue to serve as a member of the Commission, an individual must commit to and actually serve as the Market Manager for at least two (2) Market days.  As Market Manager, the individual will be present and lead the market that day, answer questions as they arise, and be available to generally oversee market operations.

This meeting location is wheelchair accessible.  Disabled individuals requiring other assistance must make their request known 48 hours preceding the meeting by contacting the Director of Administration/City Recorder.  The City will, upon request, endeavor to arrange the following services to be provided.  Since these services must be scheduled with outside service providers it is important to allow as much lead time as possible. (Qualified sign language interpreters for persons with speech or hearing impairments; Qualified bilingual interpreters; and Assisting listening devices for persons with impaired hearing.) You may contact the Director of Administration/City Recorder, Vickie Nogle, MMC by telephone at 503-981-9633 or vlnogle [at] (subject: email, body: Director%20of%20Administration%20%2F%20City%20Recorder%20email) ((E-Mail))