Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is the fiscal planning advisory committee for the City, consisting of the governing body (City Council) plus an equal number of legal voters (citizen members) appointed by the City Council. Appointive members of the Budget Committee are appointed for three-year terms. The Budget Committee meets publicly to review the budget document as proposed by the Budget Officer.  Usually the meeting are only once or twice a year.  One of the Committee's most important duties is to hear and consider any testimony presented by the public about the budget.

What is a budget?

A budget, as defined by Oregon State Law, is a financial plan containing estimates of revenues and expenditures for a single fiscal year or bienial budget period. 

Purpose of Local Budget Law:
  • To establish standard procedures for the preparation, presentation, administration and appraisal of budgets of municipal corporations;
  • To provide for a brief description of the programs of a municipal corporation and fiscal policy which is to accomplish these programs;
  • To provide estimates of revenues, expenditures and proposed taxes;
  • To provide specific methods for obtaining public views in the preparation of fiscal policy;
  • To provide for the control of revenues and expenditures for the promotion of efficiency and economy in the expenditure of public funds; and
  • To enable the public, taxpayers and investors to be apprised of the financial policies and administration of the municipal corporation in which they are interested.
What is the budget process?

Budgeting is not something you do once a year. It’s a continuous operation, and it takes 12 months to complete a cycle. The budgeting process is actually in three parts: The budget is prepared, approved, and finally adopted. Your budget must be prepared far enough in advance so that it can be adopted before June 30. After adopting the budget, the governing body will make the necessary appropriations and certify the tax levy to the county assessor

For more information you may access the Local Budgeting Manual on the Oregon Department of Revenue's website. 

If you are interested in serving on the Budget Committee please complete a volunteer application and submit to City Hall or kkurtz [at] cityofhubbard.org (subject: Budget%20Committee%20Volunteer%20Application) (email).

Agendas are posted at City Hall and on the City website. This meeting location is wheelchair accessible.  Disable individuals requiring other assistance must make their request known 48 hours preceding the meeting by contacting the Director of Administration/City Recorder.  The City will, upon request, endeavor to arrange the following services to be provided.  Since these services must be scheduled with outside service providers it is important to allow as much lead time as possible.  (Qualified sign language interpreters for persons with speech or hearing impairments; Qualified bilingual interpreters; and Assisting listening devices for persons with impaired hearing. The City Hall phone number is 503-981-9633.vlnogle [at] cityofhubbard.org (subject: Director%20of%20Administration%20%2F%20City%20Recorder%20email, body: Director%20of%20Administration%20%2F%20City%20Recorder%20email) ( (E-Mail))